Article-Isn’t this a mockery of Education

Education is supposed to draw out the best but is it anywher near it?
The word education is derived from the two latin terms “ek” and ‘ducere’. Ek means ‘out’ and ducere means to draw. Therefore, the word education means to draw out from within, not to stuff in. Unless one knows what is in, how can one draw out. It is a pity that even in the 21st century we have not been able to proactively probe and determine accurately what each person should be. It is still done by trial and error. Following are some of the career switches from Morgan and Bank’s book “ Make a dream career” and Po Bronson’s “ What should I do with my life “ FROM ACTOR TO RECRUITMENT SPECIALIST. FROM WOOL CLASSER TO RECRUITMENT SPECIALIST. FROM DOCTOR TO SPORTSWRITER FROM MIDDLE MANAGEMENT TO PSYCHOLOGIST FROM, FOREIGN CURRENCY TRADER TO TURF SUPPLIER FROM TEACHER TO SPORTS ADMINISTRATOR FROM SECRETARY TO BUSINESS OWNER FROM LAWYER TO EXECUTIVE RECRUITER FROM FINANCIAL INSTITUTION TO SALES AND MARKETING FROM LAWYER TO CELEBRITY MANAGER AND PROMOTER FROM JOURNALIST TO PUBLIC RELATIONS CONSULTANT FROM TYPESETTER TO SALES REPRESENTATIVE FROM MARINE BIOLOGY TO ADVERTISING FROM ACCOUNTANT TO FASHION DESIGNER FROM LAWYER TO ENTREPRENEURIAL BUSINESS OWNER INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAWYER TO MEDICINE POLICY PUBLIC RELATIONS- GARDENING MEDICINE TO SURGICAL ROBOTICS DRIFTER – CAREER COUNCELLOR MARKETING AND PROMOTION – GOLFER LAWYER-LAW TEACHER BANK MANAGER- SOCIAL WORKER ELECTRICIAN-PROFESSOR-BUSINESSMAN. BLUE COLLAR WORKER- POLITICS. GEOLOGIST- INSPECTOR INVESTMENT BANKER TO CATFISH FARMER. SALESMEN-WRITER. DIPLOMAT-TEACHER FILMS- CAR ENGINEER SECURITIES- INVESTMENT SPECIALIST BUSINESSMAN- SOCIAL WORKER LAWYER-MINISTER MARINE BIOLOGIST- DENTIST. REAL ESTATE BROKER- FACTORY OWNER INSTALLATION MANAGER- BUSINESS OWNER. BUSINESS/LAW- TEACHING BUSINESSMAN- POLITICIAN. CPA TO WEBSITE PROGRAMMER CORPORATE LAWYER- TRUCK DRIVER. POET- CHEF CHEMISTRY PROFESSOR-LAWYER POLITICS- BUSINESS HIGH PROFILE BUSINESS OWNER-POLICEMAN STOCK MARKET- DOCTOR As can be seen above, some of these career switches are extremely drastic. What a colossal waste of time, money and energy. If instead it could be predetermined in advance even with a reasonable accuracy what each person should be, consider the mind boggling implications. If people could be fitted into the jobs that they liked, the output in terms of productivity of the organization and happiness of the individual are mind boggling. However is it the sad destiny of some people to be stuck in the wrong jobs forever. Let me end with something I find very interesting To prevent all this, one suggestion could be to have a life coach right from if not early childhood then at least high school.


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