Who does not want to be suscessful? I think one of the groups with the strongest desire to be successful would be students as they are would soon be entering practical life and being forewarned is forearmed. This is an excerpt from an article by a Human resources development company:-

“At least in India, no one is surprised at children aspiring to become engineers, doctors, CAs or MBAs. Almost 60 per cent think in terms of engineering or medicine and nearly 15 per cent fancy their skills as CAs but in reality, only 10 per cent become what they dream of becoming. Have you ever wondered why children do not want to be artists, dancers, singers, painters or carpenters and plumbers? The reason is not far to seek. These professions have neither ‘class’ nor prestige associated with them. When they actually start working, they realize that they don’t have the mental make-up for a particular type of job in spite of being suitably qualified.”

When I was a student more than twenty years ago, I had read in one of Dale Carnegie’s books “Do not feel compelled to join your family business.” Since I was very young at that time and thought that there was maximum money in Business, I did not heed Carnegie’s advice and did the very thing he warned me about. My father had a minor partnership in a private limited company at that time and so I joined him. It took me quite some realize that I was not cut out for business. It like this

Salim Khan joined the industry as an actor but became a writerSubhash Ghai and Rakesh Roshan joined the industry as actors but became directors.

Ravi Shastri came in as a bowler but became a batsman.

.Its only when you do the actual work that you come to know where your true identity lies There is a book on successful intelligence which states that just by proving very good at analysis in an MBA course is no guarantee that in real life you will get creative ideas of your own. Creative, analytical and practical intelligence are completely different. I have actually experienced this.

In the examples give above, the persons concerned have got occupied within the same vocation in a different sub stream but sometimes one has to move outside the main vocation as well. Amitabh Bahchchan joined the film industry because he was not satisfied with a corporate career.

As a student it is very difficult to understand all this but it can lead you into serious trouble which is why it is said that choose your career not on the basis of what you know but who you are. In an MBA you are analyzing other people’s work in case studies but that does not necessarily imply that you can do competently what they can do. Incidentally the literal meaning of the word Education is to draw out what is already in and not to blindly stuff in which implies that Education is supposed to draw out the potential already within you but in theoretical education, this is not possible which is why there are problems later in practical life.
In USA people explore work environments, do volunteer project work, closely examine their value systems, scruitinise their hobbies before deciding on the work that they would like to do. Despite having so many life coaches and much better professional human resources managers, the United states has a serious problem. God alone knows what the situation in India is.

Once you have family responsibilities it can mean life time imprisonment for some( Go through quotes) and see article “Job Prison’ can hold only those who don’t look for freedom”:-

Job prison

Work represents a major part of your waking hours and if you are miserable there, you have a miserable life. One writer described the wrong occupation as “Lifetime imprisonment”. Another writer called it Spiritual suicide. Moral of the story- You can simply not afford to be in the wrong job. Always be vigilant on this account.

Dale Carnegie also said that every individual when he chooses a career is a gambler. As a student, I did not understand what he meant but I have tried to make him more understood to others. Be careful.


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