Job Prisoners

Do you feel stifled, trapped or stuck in your job? Do you feel that it would be really tedious to do the current job throughout your life? Do you constantly yearn that you could be doing something else? Is your experience similar to the one described in the link below:-

  • Job Prison
  • I have come across support groups for all kinds of medical ailments in the united states on various internet sites. It is surprising that this problem where a majority of working hours are spent in misery and has a direct bearing on happiness has no support groups.

    Supposing a relative or a friend has been wrongly imprisoned, wouldn’t you move heaven and earth to rescue him? Then why not job prisoners who are stuck up in occupations for no fault of theirs. Why should they spend a lifetime being trapped in the wrong job or occupation.
    If we can place a man on the moon and if faster means of transport and communication can be invented, why can’t this important issue be resolved faster? I have read in several books and sites that even in the United states with all its professional HRD managers and liberal work culture, it can take years to effect a career-transition. One really wonders what the situation in India is.


    One Response to Job Prisoners

    1. Seema Kumar says:

      These situations would be there in India as well. Maybe there has been no systematic study on that but even in India people are suffering in wrong jobs… my own experience and the experience of many co-workers.

      It is comparitively easier to change a job but career change is really difficult and needs a lot of courage and will power.

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