Should any young person end up like this?

Consider this information

In 1923, nine of the world’s richest men met to discuss economy. They were among the richest men in the world. They were:-

Charles Schwab- President of the largest Steel company
Sameul Insull- President of the largest electric utility company
Howard Hopson- President, largest gas company
Arthur Cutten- Greatest wheat speculator
Richard whitney- President, New york stock exchange
Albert Fall- Secretary of Interior in President Harding’s Cabinet.
Jesse Livermore, the greatest “bear” on the Wall street
Ivan Krueger, head of the world’s greatest monopoly.
Leon Fraser, President of the Bank of international settlements.

After 25 years in 1948, the situation was as follows:-

Charles Schwab was bankrupt and lived the last few years on borrowed money.
Samuel Insull died abroad as a penniless fugitive.
Howard Hopson was insane.
Arthur Cutten became insolvent and died abroad
Richard Whitney had been imprisoned
Albert Fall was pardoned from prison and died broke and penniless.
Jesse Livermore had committed suicide.
Ivar Krueger killed himself
Leon Fraser committed suicide.

Being in the wrong occupation has been described differently by different people- job prisoners,spiritual suicide, lifetime imprisonment etc ( See links “Quotes” and ” Job prison”)

One wondeers how so many prominent men ended that way but one can at least try and manage what is in one’s control- try to be in the right occupation because if the majority of waking hours spent at the work place lack joy and satisfaction, the expereince is as sordid as the deaths above. As Napolean said ” It is more difficult to suffer than to die”


24 Responses to Should any young person end up like this?

  1. Leelayz says:

    There is an option to block these spam comments by turning on the word verification option in blogspot settings.

    Your blog is nice. The idea is something that I sincerely believe in. You should always have the right job, no matter what it pays you, else you will never be happy.

    Keep posting !!

  2. eskay says:

    Interesting blog, Hiren. Such a refreshing, and thought-provoking subject.

  3. Venkat says:

    Hi Hiren
    I like your blog very much. I think this article would be of great interest to you.

    It was very inspiring to me and as I am a Mac fan for over 10years it was quite a nice read. I think he touches on a lot of points you say.

  4. fantababy says:

    yes Hiren, ppl who followed their passion are on top levels. ur post is informative!

  5. IdeaSmith says:

    This is a good ideal….one that doesn’t get enough attention.

    However, in response to your comment on my blog, ideas needn’t be only about thinking techniques, right? Art, science, religion, emotion…everything human has a root in an idea or several.

    Keep up the cause, anyway!

  6. kd says:

    I am amazed and equally excited about the fact that someone is discussing such an important topic as carrer.. and very specifically “Doing what you like” As someone who has always followed my passion, I think you are doing a wonderful job here.

  7. yah, its a normal thing most people suffer. very few lucky people find the job of their choice.

  8. lostandfound says:

    cool blog..reached it when I typed in google”am i staying too long in my job”..check out my is junk with no specific message like yours..
    good luck

  9. Jagan says:

    hey first time …my comment is not related to ur post ..but i wanted to tell u that i strongly agree in the right occupation thing . i kno some ppl who arent happy what they are doing and i really feel sorry for them .

  10. Hey Hiren.. your blog is nice…its easy to quit a job and search for a one which you like than to suffer… i did that..and i kno im not bluffing!

  11. Brett says:

    Career change is a nice idea, but hey how many can afford it? Most of the people u talk about as sucessful examples are one in million. It is unsuccessful ones you dont hear about are the majority.

    Good blog though, just a difference of opinion, saying this is not practically feasible always. 😉 I do love my job so not talking outa frustration.

    Cheers dude.

  12. Ravindran says:

    Thanks for your blog. For giving a hope to many silent sufferers like us.

    I know very well that I am in the wrong profession and I would be much happier doing something else. But the biggest hurdle in even thinking of the switch is replacing the financial income, fighting the status quo,expectations from the family,relatives etc.

  13. Hiren says:

    Thanks Saleem, lost and found, Jagan , Michael.

    I agree with the practical views presented by Brett and Ravindran. That is one of the reasons for initiating this blog.

  14. cipher says:

    Hey Hiren, stumbled upon your blog from elsewhere. Well nice trivia that! Keep blogging dude!

    PS: I’m a copywriter and I have an Ad Blog! Do you have an opinion on it?

  15. RAHUKETU says:

    i also agree with your point of view i read article of Dr. Gopalakrishnan, of Chairman TATA Sons “Desrve before Desire” i find it so useful that i kept it on my blog also.keep it up hiren


  16. Pareshaan says:

    Hiren Boss,
    very nice blog, very important to post about this stuff, though I think describing job-dissatisfaction as schizophrenia may be a tad harsh. If not it is too scary a thought for me to entertain. Nevertheless fascinating stuff this – thank you.

  17. Samir says:

    Hiren, they all were victims of the Great Depression of 1929 where lot of people in NY were jumping of the top of the buildings.

    The world hasnt seen a depression since then. seen recessions but not a depression

  18. alexmthomas says:

    Interesting. 🙂

  19. alexmthomas says:

    There is no use doing something which you really dont enjoy.(Just for the sake of money.)

    Greg Mankiw, an economist said,”Find out what your passion is and find someone to pay you for that.”

  20. chetan tandon says:

    awsum stories realy pumped up with it.

  21. adebogun adekunle adedoyin says:


  22. rajasekhar v says:

    excellent words. it gives life to the sole….
    keep posting……

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