Sports Encounters for budding sportsmen

This is an interesting encounter that I had with former national coach and member of the world cup winning cricket team, Madan lal. I was elated to learn that he was going to coach my son at Delhi’s Siri fort ground. He warmed up to me when I reminded him of a catch he had taken in Australia.

He then said, “ I shall be absolutely frank with you. If there is one thing that so many years of playing international cricket has taught me, it is that cricket is a god given gift. There are so many parents who want to turn their children into cricketers. However I tell them that only if I see the potential in the child I will take interest. Otherwise it is better that the child is directed to where his real talent lies. It will avoid wasting my and the child’s time”. Madan lal did not know it but he spoke like a vocational psychologist. There are many parents who try to make their children attend all kinds of classes without a clear aim of what they want or what is good for the child.

Another test cricketer, Kapil Dev never tires of saying that one should always enjoy one’s cricket.

Tennis Ace Vijay Amritraj in his autobiography says that his worst nightmare would be if he were forced to do a business that he did not enjoy just to support his family.

Former World Billiards Champion Geet Sethi explains in his book “Success v/s Joy” how he had fared badly whenever he played for success and played much better when he played for sheer joy. The whole book is about how one should never sacrifice joy for the trappings of success.He also explains how sportmen could go to any extent to sacrifice for the sport they love. He also expalains the misery of some of his intelligent friends trapped in corporate life.


One Response to Sports Encounters for budding sportsmen

  1. Venkat says:

    Well, everyone spends most of their life in their job and if you don’t like it or don’t have a knack for it, life becomes hell.

    So what Madan and the other examples have illustrated is completely true. The hardest part is identifying your strengths and weaknesses, your likes and dislikes.–>

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