Schizophrenic existence in the prime of life?

Hindustan times publication “Brunch” December 18,2005. has come out with an interesting article, “Life of passage” on people who were trapped in the wrong jobs and living a dual existence. Some excerpts:-

Writers from professions you wouldn’t think of having the literary urge.Doctors, lawyers physicists , bankers are joining the field of Indian writers. Writing in English has found an expressive “coming out”.:-

A doctor who has attended gunshot wounds in rural parts is now writing a love story about a health worker coming to terms with the unitedness of her and her profession.

The full time writer is a rare breed anywhere”, says Sashi Tharoor,who works for the united nations and is author of the acclaimed “The great Indian Novel” .

Mumbai based Armin Wandrewala author of The Turning and a lawyer by training says“ Its not so much an inner need to be a writer as an inner need to write”

A software engineer told me he couldn’t bear the life he was leading. He spent a lot of time with that pain himself and his fiction came out of that.

Balaji Venkateswaran who debuted with the Novel, “Rage” studied Technology because of peer pressure, “Unfortunately it was never out of interest or love,” he admits. Lately, he has become increasingly reconciled to the Schizophrenic and sometimes varying co-existence of his life as a technologist and his life as a writer

A surgeon, Kavery Nambian, author of The hills at Angori “ My profession offers me endless opportunities for rich emotional experiences which I have used in my writing.

Rajiv Dogra a Diplomat has written the heartburns and difficulties for diplomats than most people realize

This is not a part of the article but since we are discussing writers, . The great Indian actor Balraj Sahni who was a businessman’ son was a career dabbler- his father’s business, a printing press, Sevagram with Gandhiji, Shantiniketan with Rabindranath Tagore, London as a Radio broadcaster , Actor in the Hindi film Industry and when still unfulfilled, he went to his native Punjab to write in Punjabi.

It would not be out of place to mention here that former Lintas Chairman, Mr Alyque Padamsee has written a novel “ A double life” where he explains how Advertisements financed his real passion, which was theatre.

Some famous writers-Horis-karl Huysmans, Henry Miller , Herman Melville, Sir Arthur Conann Doyle, Anthony Trollope ,Anton Chekov , Somerset Maugham all lived dual lives.


14 Responses to Schizophrenic existence in the prime of life?

  1. Matt says:

    ur rt buddy, it negative impact happens when we are practising anything that we are not interested in.

  2. RAHUKETU says:

    Ritesh, its true if a person maintains a diary than you will normally find all his frustration coming out & he can leave relaxed life. Its known fact that if you share your sorrows it get reduces. Same thing apply to human being either they share their pains with other by telling or by writing & that is presented in a proper manner than you can earn some money. Who knows tomorrow you might publish your blog stories as book & it become popular. – Rahul

  3. LAK says:

    Writing of course is the first step to getting it out of one’s system.Like Alyque Padamsee, many people work at “uninteresting” jobs, so as to be able to indulge in what actually interests them. Some actors work in potboilers so as to earn their livelihood, and then act in “Art films” or theatre to satisfy their creativity. I think that is a healthy way to come to terms with this kind of dual existence. I guess most people in India lead such lives, because of perceived standards of jobs and lifestyles.

  4. Thulika says:

    Read your Blogs, Most of them. I have worked with a group which work with students of the 11th and 12th standards and beyond who have been forced to take up educational/ professional streams because their parents thought it was ‘good’ for their ‘intelligent’ child. My parents both college professors have known closely many such casses. I myself took aptitude and IQ tests before choosing my line of intrest. The combination of inteligence nad apptitude is believed to tell you what broad areas you may follow (or not follow) and still be happy..:).. Standard aptitude tests are done by many pshycologosts and are gaining popularity now. These are best when done before a child becomes overly prejudiced (say 7th to 9th std) or manupulated to fantasise a profession or field. It is really hard for people with above average intelligence and above average aesthetics/ creativity to deciede as to wether to follow their intelligence or to follow their creativity. Few luckey ones find areas which require both..:)…

    Creative writing as an occupation enriched by experiences, people, events, happenings of a finacially and intelectualy satisfying profession I think would help keep a writer closer to reality than overly dreamy…:)..

  5. dwaipayan says:

    and me a studen of postgraduate studies in botany is trying to write about life at presi botany.and i’ trying this in my new blog

  6. wise donkey says:

    1.we might not be good at what we want to do
    2.Worse we might be good at what we dont want to do.

    its not possible for everyone to have “double lives” and it depends to a great extent on what we want to do.

    its not an easy choice, but if possible, go with 1.
    there is a bliss in doing something you want to do.

    sure one may not be successful or perhaps make lots of money from society’s point of do.
    but then the Being Yourself, compensates for a lot, as long as you have money for your need and not for the greeds.

    PS : If the point1 doesnt give even money for need, will have to go with point 2 i guess.

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  8. This is a great blog. You are adding a lot of good data and new perspective.

    About s/w engrs not loving it there, how many teachers, mechanics, bureaucrats & so on, do their job because they love it ? After all, not everyone has the luxury to convert their hobby into occupation. In masses, its either need or qualification which drives the choice of work.–>

  9. muchacocha says:

    Here are some links that I believe will be interested

  10. niki yokota says:

    hi! very nice blog!!
    i have many friends having depression probs like that..
    this post is encouraging. thanks a lottttt!!

  11. Florian says:

    I found your blog via google by accident and have to admit that youve a really interesting blog 🙂
    Just saved your feed in my reader, have a nice day 🙂

  12. peeya solanki says:

    i would like to say do the things that you love no matter how peole react about it because this life is only yours and always try your best to achieve your u all

  13. It is actually not the work one is trapped in – whale hunter, soldier, traveler, teacher, tailor, mechanic, boiler tender, housewife, street dweller, – that dictates when the writer will come out.

    Rather, it is the creative impulse and passion to put into words what the heart is saying.

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