Article in a magazine publised on this blog content plus OBC Reservation

April 11, 2006

The magazine "Eternal solutions" has published a 1350word  article called "Fits and Misfits" in its April, 2006 Edition on some of the contents of this blog.

It would also not be out of place to mention the storm that 49.5% reservations is creating among the students. As mentioned elsewhere in this blog, the literal and latin meaning of the word education is to draw out from within instead of blindly stuffing in. By following such policies, the government is depriving meritorious studnets from realizing their potential. Had the government shown an interest in imparting real education as propounded by Osho, Ksirhnamurthy, Shri Aurobindo or Swami Vivekanand from the very beginning, maybe they would have formed better alternate systems of education than indulging in populist measures like Reservations.